Trading Made Simple eBook

Justin Lewis

Summary of the Trading Made Simple: How to Become a Professional Trader (eBook)

Learning how to trade on your own is like trying to learn a new language.

It can be difficult, confusing, and time-consuming, but with the “Trading Made Simple” eBook you will learn a 3 step formula on how to enter into higher probability setups so that you better understand the markets to start trading more like a professional.

This eBook is written in an easy-to-understand format for anyone above the age of 18 to be able to understand.

It is for beginner to advanced traders who want to transition from being a retail trader that breaks even or loses a majority of the time, and become a professional funded trader that makes consistent money trading FOREX, commodities, indices, stocks, and/or cryptocurrencies.

Table of Contents:

⭕️ Chapter 1 - Introduction

⭕️ Chapter 2 - Psychology

⭕️ Chapter 3 - Risk Management

⭕️ Chapter 4 - Order Types for Entry

⭕️ Chapter 5 - Trade Execution

⭕️ Chapter 6 - Trade Management

⭕️ Chapter 7 - Backtesting

⭕️ Chapter 8 - How to Get Funded with a Prop Firm

⭕️ Chapter 9 - Installation of MetaTrader 4 Software

NOTE: The minimum cost of this ebook is $20; however, you can pay what you believe it is worth. The author did not want there to be a high barrier to learning concepts that can truly transform your trading journey and the concepts taught in this book can be further explained in the Trading Made Simple course if you are a person that prefers visual and auditory examples. Many traders that have purchased the course also went on to get funded with capital in excess of $100,000 to $400,000.

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Trading Made Simple eBook

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